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Châteauneuf du Pape

Coffret Collection’s Story. “Collection

the pleasure to create drives us continuously, but nature teaches us to be patient.

2015 is THE vintage that allowed us to express our passion and our creativity.

The extraordinary consistency that we then witnessed in the quality of our wines made us eager to share our satisfaction with you.

So we designed a “Collection” box set of 6 bottles for you to discover the main grape varieties grown at Domaine Pierre Usseglio.

This is a limited edition of 300 boxes only.

The diversity of our terroirs plays a major part in the complexity of our wines.

The pure GRENACHE that you will taste comes from a clayish soil in the Crau aera, the SYRAH comes from another clayist soil around Cabrières, the MOURVEDRE from a sandy ground in the small location called Valoris, to the north of the appellation.

Finally, the CINSAULT and the CLAIRETTE both come from various plots made up of rolled stones, sand and clay.

Through this special “Collection” box, we are happy to offer an exceptional and original tasting of our wines.

Each grape variety was harvested and vinified separately, then aged for 12 months in aok barrels.

After 12 months, the wine contained in each barrel was bottled.

You will thus enjoy the rare opportunity to taste each variety pure, rather then blended with one another.

This box set will allow wine enthusiasts to discover, appreciate and compare them.

Which one do you think you will prefer?

The 6th bottle is a blend of the 5 previous varietals added in equal proportions (20% each).

It clearly demonstrates that the diversity of grapes, all blended together, is what allows us to obtain complex, balanced wines.

This tasting could also give you a chance to put yourself in the shoes of the wine-maker by creating your own blend and obtain a glass of your own special wine, if you so wished!

We certainly hope you will enjoy discovering our wines as much as we enjoyed making them!


Wine Advocate / Robert Parker